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why breathheads

Breathheads with Caroline Kila | Your Yoga & Breathing Community | Breathheads Mission
for a healthier, happier life
As a breathhead my purpose is to help you understand the importance of the breath. The better we breathe, the healthier and happier we will be.

Breathing is the starting point for a better quality of life, whether we are working through breath-work to pranayama and meditation, or through therapeutic yoga.

We can use the breath to get out of our heads, to slow down our busy, thinking minds. Or, let’s look at it another way, our thoughts and emotions can, and often subconsciously do change our breath so, if we control our breath, we can better manage our thoughts and emotions.

If that’s not interesting enough, I have watched people take their first real deep, slow breath and seen the look in their eyes – I can’t describe to you how amazing and fulfilling it is to see.

Sign up for a breatheads course today, and discover how transformational the power of the breath can be.

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