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Corporate Program

Breathheads with Caroline Kila | Your Yoga & Breathing Community | Corporate Program

During this course employees will focus on the following:

  • How to establish good functional breathing in everyday life, and why this is important

  • Different breath work tools to take away and guidance of how and when to use them

  • A better understanding of the role breathing plays in regulating the nervous system to energize, calm and create more balance

  • How is can help with stress and anxiety

  • Tools for improved sleep management

  • Exercises to improve clarity, focus and concentration

  • Integrating breath work into your daily life

Studies show mindfulness and breathing:

  • increases concentration, emotional Intelligence, emotional regulation and performance

  • decreases fatigue, stress and anxiety all whilst creating space to develop creativity!

Throughout 2019, in the United Kingdom alone:

  • employee stress, depression and anxiety cost the economy £30 billion 

  • businesses lost an average of 38 working days per employee to physical and mental health related absences

  • depression amongst employees more than doubled to almost 1 in 10 compared to 5 years ago

Corporate Breathing Course for Stress Management
In-person or online
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