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I have been practicing yoga for just over 2 years, a few months ago I discovered Caroline’s zoom classes. Having never practiced with Caroline in a face to face class before, she made me feel very comfortable and completely at ease with her warm kind manner. Caroline has a vast knowledge of yoga, which she shares and explains so well and in detail, she chooses different parts of the body to work on or asks if we have a preference to what we would like to practice. Caroline understands how the mind and body work together, she gives examples of how the benefits of these postures help us mentally and physically. When I join the zoom classes although we are not in the same room I still feel connected and in tune with the other students, Caroline keeps a close eye on us and assists in a gentle warm coaxing manner. I thoroughly recommend these classes, it’s amazing how you feel afterwards and also what you learn from these practices. Try it and see for yourself!

– Kay
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